Full Disclaimer

Any opinions reflected in this database are the sole responsibility of the authors. They do not purport to reflect the views of WTO Members. Despite the attempt to be complete and comprehensive, nothing in this database should be interpreted as a definitive or authoritative account of the disputes that took place under the GATT 1947. Suggestions to improve the accuracy and completeness of this database should be addressed through the contact form.

In the interest of accuracy, this database uses the historical names of parties as they were used at the time of each dispute, e.g. Ceylon, Czechoslovakia, Hong Kong, the Federal Republic of Germany, Yugoslavia or the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. Likewise, it makes reference to EEC-6, EEC-9, EEC-10 or EEC12 to reflect different stages of enlargement of the European Economic Communities. It also refers to individual EEC member States (e.g. France, Italy, etc.) for cases when these countries acted in their own capacity. References to geographical and other groupings and to historical names do not imply any expression of opinion by the authors concerning the status of any country or territory, the delimitation of its frontiers or the rights or obligations of any GATT contracting party or WTO Member. The denominations and classifications that feature in this database do not imply any judgement of legal or other status of any territory, nor any endorsement or acceptance of a boundary.