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Search and filter the disputes in which the contracting party was a participant (i.e. complainant, respondent or third party).

By claims and defences

Search and filter the claims and defences raised by the parties during the request for consultations, as well as those contained in the reports.

By procedural legal basis

Search and filter disputes by the procedural legal basis cited by the complainant to bring a dispute (e.g. GATT Articles XXII, XXIII, Tokyo Round Codes, etc.).

By product type

Search and filter GATT disputes by the products involved, namely agricultural and non-agricultural products, as defined in Annex 1 of the WTO Agreement on Agriculture, as well as other product categories.

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Search and filter GATT disputes based on different criteria, such as participants, date of initiation, whether an adjudicator was established, and whether a report was issued and adopted. 

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Search and filter the list GATT dispute adjudicators by the type of adjudicating body, name, origin and gender of the individuals who composed such bodies.