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Date of initiation
301 - 317 of 317 results
GD Complainant Respondent ThirdParty Dispute title Year Established Report Adopted
GD/301 Mexico - Initiation of Countervailing Duty Investigation on Certain Steel Products from the United States 1993 No No
GD/302 United States - Countervailing Duties on Certain Carbon Steel Flat Products from Several Members States of the EEC 1993 Yes No
GD/303 United States - Anti-dumping Measures against Imports of Cut-to-Length Carbon Steel Plate from Finland 1993 No No
GD/304 Canada - Anti-dumping Duties on certain Steel Products (Cold-Rolled Steel Sheet, Flat Hot-Rolled Carbon Steel Sheet and Hot-Rolled Carbon and Alloy Steel Plate) from Various Member States of the European Economic Communities 1993 No No
GD/305 Canada - Anti-dumping Investigation of certain Hot-Rolled Carbon Steel Plate and High Strength Low Alloy Plate, Heat Treated or not, Originating in or Exported from, inter-alia, Italy and Spain 1993 No No
GD/306 United States - Standards for Reformulated and Conventional Gasoline 1994 Yes No
GD/307 EC - Refund of Anti-dumping Duty 1994 No No
GD/308 Australia - Import Restrictions on Salmon 1994 No No
GD/309 EC - Restrictions on Imports of Canned Tuna and Sardines 1994 No No
GD/310 Brazil - Imposition of Provisional Anti-dumping Duties on Imports of certain Peaches Originating in Greece 1994 No No
GD/311 Argentina - Provisional Anti-dumping Duties on Imports of Three-Phase Electric Motors 1994 No No
GD/312 EC - Prohibition of Imports of Pelt and Manufactured Goods of Wild Animals 1994 No No
GD/313 United States - Imports of Man-Made Fibre Sweaters Originating in Hong Kong 1994 No No
GD/314 United States - Imposition of Provisional Anti-dumping Duties on Photographic Paper from the Netherlands 1994 No No
GD/315 Japan - Measures Affecting Imports of Certain Telecommunications Equipment 1994 No No
GD/316 Chile - Taxes on Distilled Spirits 1994 No No
GD/317 Spain - Type Approval of Heating Radiators and Electrical Medical Equipment 1984 No No