Contracting party visualisations

Contracting parties

Visualise and filter information relating to participants in GATT disputes (i.e. complainant, respondent or third party).

Claims and defences visualisations

Claims and defences

Visualise the proportion and number of claims and defences raised by disputing parties during the initial phases, as well as those referenced or addressed in GATT dispute settlement reports by agreement and provision.

Procedural legal basis visualisations

Procedural legal basis

Visualise and filter information relating to the procedural legal basis invoked by complainants to bring a GATT dispute e.g. GATT Articles XXII, XXIII, Tokyo Round Codes, etc.

Reports visualisations


Visualise and filter information on GATT dispute settlement reports, including the rate of adoption and the average number of total pages and pages containing legal reasoning.

Product type visualisations

Product types

Visualise GATT disputes according to whether they concerned agricultural or non-agricultural products, as defined by Annex 1 of the WTO Agreement on Agriculture.

Adjudicator visualisations


Visualise and filter GATT disputes by the type of adjudicating body, as well as by name, origin, gender of the individuals who composed such bodies.

Time Series

Time series

Visualise the evolution of GATT disputes throughout the 1948-1995 period, including the number of disputes per time period, the types of products at issue, the rate of adoption of reports, and the type of adjudicating body.

Procedural steps

Procedural steps

Visualise and filter information relating to the main procedural steps of GATT disputes.