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Date of initiation
201 - 225 of 317 results
GD Complainant Respondent ThirdParty Dispute title Year Established Report Adopted
GD/201 EEC - Restrictions on Imports of Apples - Complaint by the United States 1988 Yes Yes Yes
GD/202 United States - Restrictions on Imports of Sugar 1988 Yes Yes Yes
GD/203 United States - Restrictions on the Importation of Sugar and Sugar-Containing Products applied under the 1955 Waiver and under the Headnote to the Schedule of Tariff Concessions 1988 Yes Yes Yes
GD/204 United States - Imposition of Anti-dumping Duties on Imports of Seamless Stainless Steel Hollow Products from Sweden 1988 Yes Yes No
GD/205 EEC - Regulation on Imports of Parts and Components 1988 Yes Yes Yes
GD/206 United States - EEP Subsidy (Soya Bean) 1988 No No
GD/207 United States - Import Restrictions on Certain Products from Brazil 1988 Yes No
GD/208 Canada - Import Restrictions on Ice Cream and Yoghurt 1988 Yes Yes Yes
GD/209 Procurement of Antarctic Research Vessel with Ice-Breaking Capability by United States National Science Foundation 1988 No No
GD/210 United States - Increase in the Rates of Duty on Certain Products of the European Economic Community (Presidential Proclamation No. 5759 of 24 December 1987) 1988 No No
GD/211 United States - Import Prohibition on Ice Cream from Canada 1988 No No
GD/212 Anti-dumping Duties on Power Transformers from Finland 1989 Yes No
GD/213 German Exchange Rate Scheme for Deutsche Airbus 1989 Yes Yes No
GD/214 EEC - Restrictions on Exports of Copper Scrap 1989 Yes Yes Yes
GD/215 Definitive Anti-dumping Duties on Video Cassettes Originating in Hong Kong 1989 No No
GD/216 United States - Determination under Sections 304 and 305 of the Trade Act of 1974 in respect of the European Economic Community's Subsidies for Producers and Processors of Oilseeds and Animal-Feed Proteins 1989 No No
GD/217 EEC - Subsidies for Producers and Processors of Oilseeds 1989 No No
GD/218 Measures to be taken under the European Convention on Transfrontier Television 1989 No No
GD/219 Finland: Restrictions on Imports of Apples and Pears 1989 No No
GD/220 United States - Countervailing Duties on Fresh, Chilled and Frozen Pork from Canada 1989 Yes Yes Yes
GD/221 Canada - Restrictions on Imports of Broiler Hatching Eggs/Chicks 1989 No No
GD/222 Brazil - QRs on Certain Agricultural and Manufactured Products 1989 No No
GD/223 Chile - Internal Taxes on Spirits 1989 No No
GD/224 Thailand - Restrictions on Importation of and Internal Taxes on Cigarettes 1989 Yes Yes Yes
GD/225 EEC - Exports of Canadian Grains 1990 Yes Yes Council took note