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Types of products at issue

This section allows to filter disputes by the type and category of products at issue in the dispute. The column "Product Type" identifies, when possible, whether or not the products at issue meet the criteria of Annex 1 of the Agreement on Agriculture. 

A case summary can be accessed by clicking on the relevant "GD/" number. Contracting parties' profiles can be accessed by clicking on the name of the contracting party.

Date of initiation
GD Complainants Respondents Third Party Year Product Type Products Category Product(s) Report symbol
GD/1 United States Cuba 1948 Non-agricultural Textiles and Apparel Textiles (trimmings, ribbons, gallons, etc.); nylon stockings, hollow tyres and inner tubes GATT/CP.2/43
GD/2 Pakistan India 1949 Not specified General
GD/3 France Brazil 1949 Not specified General GATT/CP.3/42
GD/4 Czechoslovakia United States 1949 Non-agricultural Mixed Non-Ag products Various materials and equipment GATT/CP.3/SR.22
GD/5 Chile Australia 1949 Non-agricultural Pharmaceutical and chemical products Ammonium sulphate GATT/CP.4/39
GD/6 United States France 1950 Agricultural Hides/Jute/Cotton Hides and skins
GD/7 Belgium France 1950 Not specified General
GD/8 Netherlands United Kingdom 1950 Non-agricultural Mixed Non-Ag products Durable consumer goods (e.g. blankets, shoes, clothing, woollen knitted fabrics and cotton, rayon and linen piece goods.)
GD/9 Czechoslovakia United States 1950 Non-agricultural Textiles and Apparel Ladies' fur felt hats GATT/CP/106
GD/10 Denmark, Norway Belgium 1951 Not specified General G/32
GD/11 Denmark, Netherlands United States 1951 Agricultural Dairy products Dairy products GATT/CP/130
GD/12 Canada, United States Belgium 1951 Not specified General
GD/13 United Kingdom Greece 1952 Not specified General G/27
GD/14 Norway Germany, Fed. Rep. 1952 Non-agricultural Fish and fish products Sardines G/26
GD/15 France Greece 1952 Not specified General G/25
GD/16 India Pakistan 1952 Agricultural Hides/Jute/Cotton Raw jute
GD/17 Greece, Turkey United States 1952 Agricultural Fruits and dried fruits Sultana raisins L/146
GD/18 Netherlands United States 1952 Agricultural Dairy products Dairy products L/61
GD/19 United States France 1952 Not specified General
GD/20 Turkey United States 1953 Agricultural Fruits and dried fruits Filberts (nuts)
GD/21 United Kingdom, United States Brazil 1953 Not specified General L/167
GD/22 Italy France 1954 Not specified General L/312
GD/23 Italy Sweden 1954 Non-agricultural Textiles and Apparel Nylon stockings L/328
GD/24 Italy Turkey 1954 Not specified General
GD/25 Italy Greece 1954 Non-agricultural Mixed Non-Ag products Textiles fibres, cutlery and eye glasses.