Participation in GATT Disputes (1948-1995)

8 as complainant
2 as respondent
1 as third party
1 - 10 of 10 results
GD Complainants Respondents Third Party Name in publication Year Established Report Adopted
GD/8 Effect of the United Kingdom Purchase Tax on Certain Imports into the United Kingdom with reference to Article III 1950 No No
GD/11 United States Import Restrictions on Dairy Products 1951 Yes Yes Yes
GD/18 Netherlands Action under Article XXIII:2 to Suspend Obligations to the United States 1952 Yes Yes Yes
GD/30 German Import Duties on Starch and Potato Flour 1954 Yes Yes No
GD/39 German Turnover Tax as Applied to Imports of Printed Matter 1956 No No
GD/61 Uruguayan Recourse to Article XXIII (I) 1961 Yes Yes Yes
GD/68 Austrian Import Restrictions - Consultations Requested by the Netherlands under Article XXII 1963 No No
GD/87 Income Tax Practices Maintained by the Netherlands 1972 Yes Yes Yes
GD/266 United States - Restrictions on Imports of Tuna 1992 Yes Yes No
GD/272 United States - Restrictions on Imports of Tuna - Request for Consultations under Article XXIII:1 by the Kingdom of the Netherlands on behalf of the Nertherland Antilles 1992 No No