Participation in GATT Disputes (1948-1995)

94 as complainant
91 as respondent
12 as third party
1 - 15 of 185 results
GD Complainants Respondents Third Party Name in publication Year Established Report Adopted
GD/1 Report of Working Party 7 on the Cuban Schedule 1948 Yes Yes Yes
GD/4 Article XXI - United States Exports Restrictions 1949 Yes Yes Adoption rejected in a vote
GD/6 French Export Restrictions on Hides and Skins (proposed by the United States) 1950 No No
GD/9 Assured Life of Tariff Concessions with regard to Article XIX / US - Fur Felt Hats 1950 Yes Yes Yes
GD/11 United States Import Restrictions on Dairy Products 1951 Yes Yes Yes
GD/12 Belgian Import Restrictions on Dollar Goods 1951 Yes No
GD/17 United States Export Subsidy on Sultanas 1952 Yes Yes Reports not submitted for adoption
GD/18 Netherlands Action under Article XXIII:2 to Suspend Obligations to the United States 1952 Yes Yes Yes
GD/19 French "Statistical Tax" on Imports and Exports 1952 No No
GD/20 United States' Import Restrictions on Filberts 1953 No No
GD/21 Brazilian Compensatory Concessions 1953 Yes Yes Yes
GD/27 German Discrimination in Coal Imports 1954 No No
GD/28 French Stamp Tax 1954 No No
GD/29 Belgian Restrictions on Imports of United States Coal 1954 No No
GD/32 French Stamp Tax on Imports 1955 No No