Participation in GATT Disputes (1948-1995)

32 as complainant
19 as respondent
23 as third party
1 - 15 of 51 results
GD Complainants Respondents Third Party Name in publication Year Established Report Adopted
GD/12 Belgian Import Restrictions on Dollar Goods 1951 Yes No
GD/55 German Import Restrictions 1958 Yes Yes No record of submission for adoption
GD/61 Uruguayan Recourse to Article XXIII (I) 1961 Yes Yes Yes
GD/67 Exports of Potatoes to Canada 1962 Yes Yes Yes
GD/90 Canada/European Communities - Article XXVIII Rights with respect to Wheat 1974 Yes No
GD/92 Canada - Withdrawal of Tariff Concessions (Lead and Zinc) 1975 Yes Yes Yes
GD/93 Canadian Import Quotas on Eggs 1975 Yes Yes Yes
GD/107 Japan's Measures on Imports of Leather 1979 Yes Yes Yes
GD/110 United States - Prohibition of Imports of Tuna and Tuna Products from Canada 1980 Yes Yes Yes
GD/111 European Economic Community - Imports of Beef from Canada 1980 Yes Yes Yes
GD/121 United States - Imports of Certain Automotive Spring Assemblies 1981 Yes Yes Yes
GD/125 Canada - Administration of the Foreign Investment Review Act (FIRA) 1982 Yes Yes Yes
GD/137 United States - Initiation of a Countervailing Duty Investigation into Softwood Lumber Products from Canada 1982 No No
GD/141 EEC Complaint Concerning Anti-dumping Action by Canada on Electric Generators Imported from the Community 1983 No No
GD/145 EEC - Panel on Newsprint 1983 Yes Yes Yes