EEC Complaint Concerning Anti-dumping Action by Canada on Electric Generators Imported from the Community

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AntiDumping Action by Canada on Electric Generators from Italy


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Products at issue
Electric generators
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Machinery; electrical and electronic equipment

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  • AD Article 15:2
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  • AD Article 2:1
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  • AD Article 15:2
Claims at issue
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Outcome of the proceedings
Consultations held
Additional Info ADP/M/10 (27/07/1983) Minutes of the AD Committee Meeting (26-27/04/1983) E. Anti-dumping investigation by Canada against certain electric generators by Italy: "The representative of the EEC said that an Italian firm has participated in a public tender in Canada concerning the supply of electric generators. When the sealed offers had been opened it had been found that prices of Canadian producers had been 4 per cent lower than those of the Italian firm and consequently they were awarded the contract. Nevertheless, an anti-dumping investigation had been opened against the Italian firm and a preliminary determination of dumping had been made. The matter had subsequently been transmitted to the Anti-Dumping Tribunal for injury determination. This case raised a number of important questions."ADP/M/11 (07/02/1984) Minutes of the AD Committee Meeting (15/11/1984) "The Chairman suggested that the EEC deferred consideration of this item to the next meeting of the Committee. (…) The representative of Canada indicated that the Group of Experts could continue its work on the question of the definition of sale and the Committee could also come back to it at a later time. (...) [T]he Committee would come back to the matter whenever the two parties considered it necessary."

ADP/M/Spec/1 (18/04/1984) Minutes of the AD Committee Meeting (14/03/1984) "The purpose of the meeting was to continue discussion relating to the request by the EEC for conciliation (...) [T]he Committee would continue its efforts in order to reach a common understanding on the issues raised by the EEC. (...) The Chairman also suggested that the Ad-Hoc Group examine, as a matter of urgency, the general issues related to this case."

L/5724 (12/11/1984) Report (1984) of the Committee on AD: "According to the Committee's request these issues are being examined by the Ad-Hoc Group."