GATT Analytical Index: Guide to GATT Law and Practice 1947-1994

6th Edition in 2 volumes


The GATT Secretariat's article-by-article handbook on the General Agreement, describing the draft history, interpretation and application of the rules, based on official documentary records. The 6th edition is the most complete and up to date presentation of GATT law: it spans 1945 to the end of 1994, when the World Trade Organization was established. It includes decisions by GATT bodies, the many interpretations of GATT law made by dispute settlement panels, and a new chapter on institutional and procedural matters. Thoroughly researched, each chapter analyses precedents and practice, and presents the relevant material in the original text, with full documentary references.

A free version subdivided by GATT Article can be downloaded here:

GATT Secretariat
GATT Analytical Index: Guide to GATT Law and Practice 1947-1994, 6th Edition