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This section provides a detailed record of the changes that have been introduced to take account of comments received from different sources.  For this reason, some of its contents may differ from the original publications on which they are based.  Please contact us  if you have a question or suggestion to correct an error or omission. 

Date Title Summary
GD/144 edited

Changed the outcome of the proceedings from "consultations held" to ""Consultations held, recommendations of the Comm

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GD/134 edited

Added a reference to Article 14:2 of the Standards Code to the legal basis.  

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GD/175 edited

Added references to documents TBT/M/24, TBT/M/Spec/5, TBT/M/Spec/6, TBT/M/Spec/7, TBT/M/Spec/8, TBT/Spec/18, TBT/Spec

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GD/279 edited

Under the claims at issue in the adjudicator's report, added: "GATT Article XVI:1    No inconsistency found"

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GD/133 edited

Changed the outcome of the proceedings from "report issued" to "report adopted".

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