Visualise: Time Series

Visualise time series

Visualise the evolution of different aspects of GATT disputes throughout the 1948-1995 period, including the number of disputes, the types of products at issue, the rate of adoption of reports, and the main type of adjudicator.  The numbers in the charts will recalculate based on the selected filters.

Date of initiation

Number of GATT disputes (1948-1995), by five-year periods

Cumulative share of GATT disputes, by year

Number of GATT disputes by type of legal basis cited and five-year periods

Disputes involving multiple legal bases are shown and calculated in each of the relevant categories.

Number of GATT disputes by type of product and five-year periods

GATT disputes settlement reports, by five-year periods

Number of GATT disputes review, by type of adjudicating body and five-year periods