Government Financing of Airbus

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Vehicles, aircraft, vessels

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  • TCA Article 8:7
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  • TCA Article 4
  • TCA Article 6
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  • TCA Article 8:7
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Consultations held, request withdrawn
Additional Info AIR/M/20 (08/05/1987) Minutes of the Committee on Trade in Civil Aircraft Meeting (19-20/03/1987): EEC understood that the US "desired that the Committee attempt to clarify, to the extent possible, Article 4 and 6 of the Agreement. While the EEC considered that Article 8.7 was not the appropriate provision for conducting such discussion, the EEC was willing to pursue this matter expeditiously in the Committee but would suggest that this be done on some other basis." The Chairman suggested a recess of the Committee and consulted with the interested delegations. When he reconvened the meeting, the US "had decided not to pursue the present request under Article 8.7 of the Agreement and had therefore replaces its paper of 25 February 1987 with a new proposal - AIR/W/63." US presented the proposal and "wished to have a reaction to the views of the United States as to how Articles 4 and 6 should be interpreted as contained in the United States document circulated to the Committee [AIR/W/63]." EEC "did not at this stage intend to discuss in detail the US interpretation of Articles 4 and 6, all the more so as these interpretations were now submitted in a new context. The basic debate was about the operation of the Agreement as it had been negotiated in 1979 and as it was in force in 1987. There seemed to be divergent opinions on this."