Japan - Restrictions on Imports of Certain Agricultural Products - Follow-up on the Panel Report

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  • GATT Article XXII:1
  • GATT Article XXIII:2
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  • GATT Article XXII:1
  • GATT Article XXIII:2
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Additional Info DS25/1 [document previously issued as L/6832] (21/03/1991) Request for consultations by USA: Reasons for the request in L/6810 and statements made at Council Meetings of 06/02/1991 (C/M/247) and 12/03/1991 (C/M/248). Copies of the request were sent to Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, EEC, New Zealand, Thailand and Uruguay, who supported plurilateral consultations under GATT Article XXII and declared a substantial trade interest in the matter.DS25/2 Request for consultations by Australia: Reasons for the request in C/M/247 and C/M/248. Australia considered "the requirements of such consultations as being met through [the] participation in the plurilateral consultations initiated by the USA."

DS25/3 Request for consultations by New Zealand: Japan's failure to implement certain recommendations in Panel Report L/6253 on dairy and starch products.

DS25/4 Request for establishment of a Panel by Australia.

C/M/267 (12/11/1993) Minutes of Council Meeting (27/10/1993) Japan stated that access for dairy products and starch, along with other items, had been negotiated in the context of the Uruguay Round negotiations and therefore expected the issue to be settled in a mutually satisfactory manner as a part of those negotiations.

C/M/270 (22/03/1994) Minutes of Council Meeting (22-23/02/1994) Australia: remained concerned that Japan had not fully implemented the recommendations of Panel Report L/6253 (BISD 35S/163). Chile: joined in urging Japan to take the necessary measures. Japan: "had decided (...) to tariffy its dairy products and starch import regime, in accordance with the Uruguay Round agreement on agriculture. Japan: believed that this would address the remaining issues concerning the implementation of the Panel Report."