Italian Assistance to Exports of Flour

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Legal basis
  • GATT Article XXII
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  • GATT Article XVI
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Type Panel
Chairperson Mr. T. Swaminathan (India)
Other members R. Arents (Belgium), F. Gundelach (Denmark), E.C. Boissovain (Netherlands)


Type Panel
Legal basis at issue
  • GATT Article XXII
Claims at issue
Defences at issue
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Request for consultations
Request for establishment
Mutually agreed solution
  • (01/01/1970)


Outcome of the proceedings
Consultations held, mutually agreed solution
Additional Info IC/SR.41 (08/10/1958) Intersessional Committee Summary Record of the Meeting. Italian Assistance to Exports of Flour: "The Committee agreed that this matter be referred to the Panel it established in April (IC/SR.38) to deal with "French Assistance to Exports of Wheat and Flour" which was to be reconvened early in the Thirteenth Session. Should the two parties in the meantime reach agreement in the course of the current bilateral discussions, the Chairman of that Panel should be so notified and the Panel would no longer be charged with this matter. Should no such communication be addressed to the Chairman then that Panel would automatically take up consideration of this question."SR.13/17 (25/11/1958) Summary Record of the Seventeenth Meeting (17/11/1958) Contracting Parties Thirteenth Session. Italian Assistance to Exports of Flour: Italy informed that the scheme of assistance had been revised. Contracting Parties agreed that "if no agreement were reached in the course of bilateral discussions, the matters raised by the Government of Australia would be referred to the Panel for Conciliation which had been established to deal with the Australian complaint on French assistance to exports of wheat and wheat flour, and authorized the Chairman of the Contracting Parties to appoint a substitute, if necessary, for any member of the Panel who might no longer be able to participate in it."

SCM/W/48 (11/01/1983) SCM Committee - Negotiating History of Article 18:9 and the Treatment of Reports of Working Parties and Panels under Article XXIII of the General Agreement. Dispute listed under GATT Article XXIII complaints: "Settled on basis of revised subsidy programme."