EEC - Refunds on Exports of Malted Barley

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Export Refunds Malted Barley


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Malted barley
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  • GATT Article XXIII
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  • GATT Article XVI
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Type DG Good Offices
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  • GATT Article XXIII
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Additional Info L/4392 (08/09/1976) Communication from Chile (06/09/1976) requesting the matter be placed on the agenda of the GATT Council. C/M/123 (23/11/1977) Minutes of Council Meeting (11/11/1977) "The Chairman pointed out that under the special procedures under Article XXIII, adopted by the Decision of 5 April 1966, the matter would be referred, in the first instance, to the Director-General so that he might use his good offices with a view to facilitating a solution. The Council was, therefore, not required to take any action at this stage, but might be required to do so at a later stage in accordance with the above-mentioned procedures. (...) [S]uggested that the matter might be reverted later so as to enable bilateral consultations to be carried out."

C/M/125 (30/05/1978) Minutes of Council Meeting (17/05/1978) Three bilateral consultations had been held, but it had not been possible to arrive at a mutually satisfactory solution. "The Council took note that the matter was now referred by Chile to the Director-General under the Decision of 5 April 1966 so that, acting acting in an ex-officio capacity, the Director-General might use his good offices with a view to facilitating a solution."

SCM/W/48 (11/05/1983) Negotiating History of Article 18.9 and the Treatment of Reports of Working Parties and Panels under Article XXIII of the General Agreement - SCM Committee - Factual Note by the Secretariat: Reported as an Article XXIII complaint, referred to the Council and good offices of the Director-General.