Italian Measures Concerning the Importation of Ships' Plates under Law No. 522

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Additional Info L/979 (24/04/1959) Request for consultations from Austria (20/04/1959) Consultations took place under request L/875 (09/10/1958) concerning the application of facilities provided for by Italian Law No. 522, which reached an agreement (SR.13/18). "Since then a completely new development has taken place. The Italian Government has submitted on 26 January 1959 to the Italian Senate a draft of a law (No. 384) which provides for modifications of Law No. 522. The modifications proposed include a provision extending the fiscal facilities applicable under Article 2 of Law No. 522, in favour of ships' plates and other articles produced domestically, to articles produced in other member countries of the European Coal and Steel Community."L/1194 (19/05/1960) Communication by Austria (12/05/1960) Consultations held after the Contracting Parties Fifteenth Session (SR.15/17) on 01-02/02/1960. "As the Italian representatives to the above-mentioned consultations were not in a position to agree to the views as exposed by the Austrian Federal Government felt compelled to present a request for the inclusion of this problem on the agenda of the sixteenth session of the Contracting Parties."

SR.16/9 (20/06/1960) Contracting Parties Sixteenth Session - Summary Record of the Ninth Meeting (02/06/1960) Italy: measures not yet adopted, requested to adjourn the discussion. Austria requested to keep the point on the agenda. Chairman placed the item on the agenda for the seventeenth session.

SR.17/5 (16/11/1960) Contracting Parties Seventeenth Session - Summary Record of the Fifth Meeting (11/11/1960) Italy: draft law had been submitted to Parliament, and its examination was proceeding. Did not object to the retention of the item on the agenda.

C/M/4 (14/03/1961) Minutes of Council Meeting (22/02/1961 - 02/03/1961) Austria: "had not heard that the draft law had been implemented (...) noted therefore that, unless in the meanwhile information on this subject was received from the Italian authorities, Austria would wish the item to appear on the agenda for the May session (...)" Italy "agreed with the proposal".