Problems posed for Community Exports by Spanish Homologation Requirements for Heating Radiators and Electrical Medical Equipment, with a View to Facilitating Mutually Satisfactory Solution

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Homologation Requirements Radiators


Third Parties

Products at Issue

Products at issue
Heating radiators and electrical medical equipment
Type of product
Product sub-type
Machinery; electrical and electronic equipment

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Key legal aspects

Legal basis
  • TBT Article 14:1
  • TBT Article 14:2
Claims raised
  • TBT Article 2:1
  • TBT Article 5:1
Defences raised
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Legal basis at issue
  • TBT Article 14:1
  • TBT Article 14:2
Claims at issue
Defences at issue
  • n.a.
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Request for consultations
  • (10/12/1984)
Request for establishment


Outcome of the proceedings
Consultations held, recommendations of the Committee
Additional Info TBT/M/Spec/1 (12/04/1984) Minutes of TBT Committee Meeting (28/02/1984) EEC: "introduced a communication (…) which informed the Parties of its request for a Committee investigation (…) with a view to facilitating a mutually satisfactory solution. He said that their recourse to investigation by the Committee under Article 14, paragraph 4 followed the failure of consultations (...) under Article 14, paragraphs 1 and 2, to reach a satisfactory resolution of the matter." "The Committee agreed to meet in closed session on 25 April 1984 to pursue its investigation of the matter in accordance with Article 14.4 of the Agreement." (Original underlined.)

TBT/M/Spec/1: the TBT Committee agrees to launch investigation procedures under Article 14.4 Tokyo Round TBT Code

TBT/M/Spec/2 and TBT/M/Spec/3: TBT Committee adopts recommendations to Spain

TBT/M/Spec/4: the TBT Committee agrees to close its investigation procedures under Article 14.4 Tokyo Round TBT Code

TBT/M/Spec/10, TBT/M/Spec/10/Add.1 and TBT/Spec/12: communication from Spain describing its administrative procedure for type approval in the case of radiators

See also TBT/18, TBT/M/15, TBT/M/17, TBT/M/Spec/3, TBT/Spec/1, TBT/Spec/10 and TBT/Spec/12.