Italian Import Restrictions Affecting Exports from Japan

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Products at issue
Certain meats, fish, fruits, spices, cereal, tobacco, various inorganic chemicals, colloidal precious metals, etc.
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Ag and Non-Ag
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  • GATT Article XXII:1
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  • GATT (principle of non-discrimination)
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Legal basis at issue
  • GATT Article XXII:1
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Additional Info L/1547 (26/09/1961) Italian Import Restrictions - Liberalization of Imports from Japan: Italy "transmitted to the Secretariat a copy of the Protocol No. S/111301 dated 25 August 1961 which amends the regulations applicable to imports from Japan. As a result of the new Protocol, the Italian negative list applicable to imports from Japan has been shortened considerably." SR.19/8 (14/12/1961) Contracting Parties Nineteenth Session - Summary Record of the Eighth Meeting (04/12/1961) Italian Restrictions on Imports from Japan. Japan: "bilateral consultations under Article XXII:1 were continuing between Japan and Italy. He did not propose any action at this stage, but if no satisfactory solution had been reached before the next Council meeting his Government would consider whether to refer the question to that meeting."

L/1547/Add.1 (13/03/1962) Italian Import Restrictions - Liberalization of Imports from Japan. Italy: "transmitted to the secretariat a copy of the Protocol of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Trade No. S/1116600, dated 9 January 1962, which promulgates a revised list of products the import of which from Japan is subject to ministerial license."

L/1815 (19/09/1962) Italian Import Restrictions - Liberalization of Imports from Japan. Italy: "transmitted to the secretariat a copy of (...) three lists concerning the control of imports from Japan", subject to ministerial licensing, automatic licensing and quotas, promulgated by Protocols S/205470 (19/04/1962) and S/206793 (22/05/1962).

L/1871 (19/10/1962) Review of the Procedures on Residual Import Restrictions - Note by the Executive Secretary (22/10/1961) (B) Consultations (i) Consultations with Italy "At the time of the consultation in March 1961, the Contracting Parties were informed also that Japan had been engaged in consultations under Article XXII:1 with Italy concerning the Italian restrictions (L/1448). While the latter consultation was in progress Italy removed a number of items from its restricted list applying to Japan. Successive steps taken by Italy have since greatly reduced the Italian negative list for Japanese goods (L/1547 and Add.1 and L/1815)."