Italian Import Restrictions Affecting Israeli Exports

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Italy - Restrictions on Imports from Israel


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Products at Issue

Products at issue
Certain fruits and vegetables, bromine and bromine derivatives, potassium sulphate
Type of product
Ag and Non-Ag
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Legal basis
  • GATT Article XXII:1
  • GATT Article XXII:2
Claims raised
  • GATT (no specific provision)
Defences raised
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Type Working Party
Chairperson P. Naegeli (Denmark)
Other members Representative of Australia, Representative of Belgium, Representative of Brazil, Representative of Canada, Representative of Denmark, Representative of France, Representative of Ghana, Representative of Italy, Representative of Japan, Representative of New Zealand, Representative of Norway, Representative of United States, Representative of Uruguay


Type Working Party
Legal basis at issue
  • GATT Article XXII:1
  • GATT Article XXII:2
Claims at issue
  • GATT (no specific provision)
Defences at issue
  • n.a.
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Request for consultations
Request for establishment
Adoption of report


Outcome of the proceedings
Report adopted
Additional Info L/1675 (08/12/1961) Report of the Working Party on Italian Import Restrictions Affecting Israeli Exports: The Working Party examined a complaint by Israel that Italy maintained import restrictions that were no longer justified for balance-of-payment reasons. Italy committed to apply to Israel the "List A" regime with regard to all but ten products which would remain restricted. The Working Party took note of these undertakings and Italy's commitment to continue to engage in discussions and to report on progress made in removing the residual restrictions.

L/1786 (29/05/1962) Residual Restrictions applied by Italy to Imports from Israel - Statement by the Italian Government: Proposal to adopt measures and "consider the possibility of revising these quotas with a view to increasing them for 1963."

C/M/10 (18/07/1962) Minutes of Council Meeting (24-31/05/1962) "The Council noted that consultations between Italy and Israel regarding restrictions still maintained by Italy were continuing. The Chairman expressed the hope that a settlement would be reached so that the questions need not be brought before the Contracting Parties at the twentieth session."

L/1871 (19/10/1962) Review of the Procedures on Residual Import Restrictions - Note by the Executive Secretary (22/10/1961) (B) Consultations (i) Consultations with Italy: "Liberalization measures in accordance with these undertakings were taken by Italy in December 1961 and April 1962 (L/1786 and C/M/10)."