United Kingdom - Dollar Area Quotas

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UK Dollar Quotas (Source: GATT Analytical Index)


Third Parties

Products at Issue

Products at issue
Bananas, grapefruit, rum, cigars
Type of product
Product sub-type
Mixed ag-products

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Key legal aspects

Legal basis
  • GATT Article XXIII:1
Claims raised
  • GATT Article XI
  • GATT Article XIII
Defences raised
  • n.a.


Type Panel
Chairperson K. A. Sahlgren (Finland)
Other members G. O. Niyi (Nigeria), Arthur Dunkel (Switzerland), P. Tomic (Yugoslavia)


Type Panel
Legal basis at issue
  • GATT Article XXIII:1
Claims at issue
  • GATT Article XI
  • GATT Article XIII
Defences at issue
  • n.a.
No of Pages (total / legal reasoning) 2
  • -
  • No finding - withdrawal or modification of measure
  • No finding - withdrawal or modification of measure
  • No finding - withdrawal or modification of measure


Request for consultations
  • (14/01/1972)
Request for establishment
Adoption of report
Mutually agreed solution
Request withdrawn


Outcome of the proceedings
Withdrawal or modification of measure, report adopted, mutually agreed solution, request withdrawn
Additional Info L/3843 (19/04/1973) Interim Report of the Panel: Dollar Area Quota restrictions referred to quota restrictions applied to products that were previously also subject to exchange controls. The quotas on these products were no longer maintained for balance-of-payments reasons but now as "valuable protection for the economic interests of the developing Commonwealth Caribbean countries." The US alleged violations of Articles XI and XIII GATT. Noting that the UK never denied a violation of provisions relating to quantitative restrictions, the Panel "for the time being reserved its findings on this question". The Panel further stated that it "refrains from making formal recommendations at this stage. It will, however, revert to the matter and make appropriate recommendations, if after an interval of one month from the date of presentation of this Interim Report to the Council, the parties concerned have been unable to reach a mutually acceptable solution to the problem."

L/3890 (20/07/1973) Communication of the UK received by the Director General that the matter had "been settled by bilateral consultation. Accordingly, the United States complaint under Article XXIII:2 is withdrawn."

L/3891 (20/07/1973) Report of the Panel: Noted that the United States had withdrawn its complaint following a settlement between the parties. Welcomed the agreement between the parties and their assurances of safeguarding the interests of their Caribbean countries, as far as possible.

C/M/89 (17/08/1973) Minutes of Council Meeting (30/07/1973) The Council adopted the Report of the Panel (L/3891) and its Interim Report (L/3843).