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Date of initiation
101 - 125 of 317 results
GD Complainant Respondent ThirdParty Dispute title Year Established Report Adopted
GD/101 Japanese Measures on Imports of Leather 1978 Yes Yes Yes
GD/102 EEC - Refunds on Exports of Sugar - Complaint by Australia 1978 Yes Yes Yes
GD/103 EEC - Refunds on Exports of Sugar - Complaint by Brazil 1978 Yes Yes Yes
GD/104 United States - Application of Countervailing Duties 1978 No No
GD/105 European Economic Community - Restrictions on Imports of Apples from Chile 1979 Yes Yes Yes
GD/106 Spain - Tariff Treatment of Unroasted Coffee 1979 Yes Yes Yes
GD/107 Japan's Measures on Imports of Leather 1979 Yes Yes Yes
GD/108 Japan - Restraints on Imports of Manufactured Tobacco from the United States 1979 Yes Yes Yes
GD/109 Spain - Measures Concerning the Domestic Sale of Soyabean Oil - Recourse to Article XXIII:2 by the United States 1979 Yes Yes No
GD/110 United States - Prohibition of Imports of Tuna and Tuna Products from Canada 1980 Yes Yes Yes
GD/111 European Economic Community - Imports of Beef from Canada 1980 Yes Yes Yes
GD/112 Indian Complaint Against Japan (Leather) 1980 No No
GD/113 EEC - United Kingdom Application of EEC Directives to Imports of Poultry from the United States 1980 Yes Yes Yes
GD/114 EEC - Tariff Treatment on Imports of Citrus Products from Certain Countries in the Mediterranean Region 1980 Yes Yes No
GD/115 United States - Imposition of Countervailing Duty without Injury Criterion/Industrial Fasteners Imported from India 1980 Yes Yes Yes
GD/116 Greece - Export Subsidies 1981 No No
GD/117 Austria - Restrictions on Imports of Video Tape Recorders 1981 No No
GD/118 Panel on Vitamins 1981 Yes Yes Yes
GD/119 European Economic Community - Production Subsidies on Canned Fruit 1981 No No
GD/120 EEC - Value-Added Tax (VAT) and Threshold 1981 Yes Yes Yes
GD/121 United States - Imports of Certain Automotive Spring Assemblies 1981 Yes Yes Yes
GD/122 European Economic Community - Subsidies on Export of Wheat Flour 1981 Yes Yes No
GD/123 EEC - Subsidies on the Export of Poultry and Poultry Parts 1981 No No
GD/124 EEC - Quantitative Restrictions Against Imports of Certain Products from Hong Kong 1981 Yes Yes Yes
GD/125 Canada - Administration of the Foreign Investment Review Act (FIRA) 1982 Yes Yes Yes