Indian Complaint Against Japan (Leather)

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Leather and footwear

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Legal basis
  • GATT Article XXIII
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  • GATT Article II
  • GATT Article X:1
  • GATT Article X:3
  • GATT Article XI:1
  • GATT Article XIII:3(b)
  • GATT Article XXXVI:5
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  • GATT Article XXIII
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Request for consultations
  • (11/04/1980)
Mutually agreed solution
  • (01/07/1980)


Outcome of the proceedings
Consultations held, mutually agreed solution
Additional Info L/5623 (02/03/1984) Panel on Japanese Measures on Imports of Leather (US) IV.(iii) India: "after having had recourse to the special dispute settlement procedures of the GATT in matters involving developed and less-developed contracting parties, had reached a settlement with Japan concerning finished leather in July 1980, but had not had its expectations fulfilled."[Internal documentation:

11/04/1980 India was a third party to the complaint by the US against the Japanese measures on leather, which was subsequently withdrawn following a settlement between the parties (L/5042, BISD 27S/118). India then requested consultations with Japan, which were held between June 1979 and April 1980, without satisfactory results.

11/04/1980 India requested the good offices of the GATT Director General, in an ex-officio capacity, in line with Procedures under Article XXIII (BISD 14S/18).

14/05/1980 India informed that Japan had confirmed the date of a first formal meeting for 29/05/1980.

29/05/1980 First formal meeting under the Conciliation Procedures under Article XXIII (BISD 14S/18), chaired by Mr. M.G.Mathur.

19/06/1980 Second formal meeting was held, chaired by Mr. M.G.Mathur.

25/07/1980 Third meeting under the Conciliation Procedures was held, chaired by Mr. M.G.Mathur. A mutually satisfactory solution was expected and would be communicated.

08/09/1980 India informed the GATT Director General that bilateral consultations had been succesful and withdrew its request for conciliation procedures.]