Sweden - Restrictions on Imports of Apples and Pears

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Products at issue
Apples and pears
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Fruits and dried fruits

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  • GATT Article XXIII:1
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  • GATT Article XI
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  • GATT Article XXIII:1
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  • (16/09/1987)
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Additional Info L/6300 (22/01/1988) Norway and Sweden - Restrictions on Imports of Apples and Pears - Recourse to Article XXIII:2 by the United States (22/01/1988) US intended to request the establishment of a panel at the GATT Council Meeting of 02/02/1988 because no satisfactory adjustment had been reached through bilateral consultations.C/M/220 (08/06/1988) Minutes of Council Meeting (04/05/1988) The Chairman "had been informed that Sweden and the United States were continuing consultations on this matter, and that the United States might want to bring it before the Council at a later date."

C/M/222 (11/07/1988) Minutes of Council Meeting (16/06/1988) "bilateral consultations had been resumed and were still in progress."

C/M/226 (02/11/1988) Minutes of Council Meeting (19-20/10/1988) bilateral resolution had broken down, so the US expected to renew its request for a panel.

SR.44/2 (30/11/1988) Summary Record of the Second Meeting of the Fourty-Fourth Session of the CP (07/11/1988) Subject: Report of the Council (L/6419 and Add.1) Sub-point 14(g) "Sweden had made a new proposal, which his delegation was carefully studying (...) United States wanted to defer, for the time being, consideration of its request for a panel." Sweden: ad-referendum agreement to eliminate existing quantitative restrictions by 1989. "Sweden saw no remaining reason to pursue the issue and took it for granted that the United States would not come back with a request for a panel."