Request of the Government of Pakistan for Decision under Article XXIII Concerning Rebate of Excise Duties on Certain Products Exported from India

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  • GATT Article XXIII
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  • GATT Article I:1
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Type Chairman of the Contracting Parties
Legal basis at issue
  • GATT Article XXIII
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Outcome of the proceedings
Consultations held, mutually agreed solution, request withdrawn
Additional Info GATT/CP.2/SR.11 (24/08/1948) Contracting Parties Second Session - Summary Record of the Eleventh Meeting (24/08/1948) "The Chairman ruled that this was not a dispute between two Contracting Parties but merely a request by one Contracting Party for an interpretation of paragraph 1 of Article I. He pointed out that the provisions of paragraph 1 of Article I were very broad and the first part of the paragraph indicated the scope of the most-favoured-nation treatment" and then paraphrased the last part of the paragraph. (Original not underlined.) India reserved its position, Pakistan thanked the Chairman for his ruling. GATT/CP.3/6 (21/02/1949) Contracting Parties Third Session - Request by the Government of Pakistan for a Decision by the Contracting Parties under the Ruling on the interpretation of Article I of GATT in GATT/CP.2/SR.11, the matter was taken up with India. "Since India refuses to abide by [the] Chairman's ruling", Pakistan sought "redress through [the] good offices of the Contracting Parties" (original not underlined) and request that the "complaint of Pakistan against violation of Most Favoured Nation Clause by India" (original not underlined) be registered as an agenda item for the following session of the Contracting Parties.

GATT/CP.3/SR.19 (31/05/1949) Contracting Parties Third Session - Summary Record of the Nineteenth Meeting (31/05/1949) Pakistan informed the Contracting Parties that India and Pakistan concluded an agreement. Pakistan withdrew the item from the agenda following the agreement reached on mutually granting each other full rebate of excise tax on exports to the other country.