Participation in GATT Disputes (1948-1995)

8 as complainant
3 as respondent
9 as third party
1 - 11 of 11 results
GD Complainants Respondents Third Party Name in publication Year Established Report Adopted
GD/2 Request of the Government of Pakistan for Decision under Article XXIII Concerning Rebate of Excise Duties on Certain Products Exported from India 1949 No No
GD/16 Pakistan Licence Fee and Duty on Exports of Jute 1952 No No
GD/52 Article XXII Consultations - Request by India for a Consultation with the Member States of the EEC on Tea 1958 Yes Yes No record of submission for adoption
GD/55 German Import Restrictions 1958 Yes Yes No record of submission for adoption
GD/112 Indian Complaint Against Japan (Leather) 1980 No No
GD/115 United States - Imposition of Countervailing Duty without Injury Criterion/Industrial Fasteners Imported from India 1980 Yes Yes Yes
GD/131 European Communities - Sugar Regime 1982 No No
GD/132 Certain Domestic Procedures of the United States (CVD Procedures) 1982 No No
GD/180 India - Import Restrictions on Almonds 1987 Yes No
GD/181 India - Licensing Procedures with respect to Imports of Almonds 1987 Yes No
GD/289 Poland - Import Regime for Automobiles Originating in the European Communities 1993 Yes No