Turkish Import Taxes and Export Bonuses

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  • GATT Article XXIII
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  • GATT Article II:1(b)
  • GATT Article XVI
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  • Protocol of Provisional Application (PPA) para. 1(b)


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Type Panel on Complaints
Legal basis at issue
  • GATT Article XXIII
Claims at issue
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Outcome of the proceedings
Consultations held, mutually agreed solution, request withdrawn
Additional Info SR.9/7 (05/11/1954) Contracting Parties Ninth Session - Summary Record of the Seventh Meeting (05/11/1954) Italy: referred to L/214. Turkey made a statement reproduced in W.9/8 explaining the system of the Equalization Fund. Chairman: "thought that this complaint, because of its complicated nature, might appropriately be referred to the Panel on Complaints." IMF: "the practices under question were multiple currency practices under the Fund Agreement (...) [D]id not object the present practices and would remain in consultation with Turkey. (..) Fund representatives would be willing to assist with the Panel." Chairman: "It was agreed to refer the complaint (...) to the Panel on Complaints." (Original underlined.)SR.9/40 (09/03/1955) Contracting Parties Ninth Session - Summary Record of the Fortieth Meeting (02/03/1955) Chairman: the matter "had been referred to the Panel on Complaints. The Italian and Turkish delegations subsequently agreed that this would not be necessary." Italy and Turkey "as a result of consultations between the two delegations the matter might be removed from the agenda." The Contracting Parties "noted that this item was disposed of." (Original underlined.)