Negotiating Rights of Argentina in Connection with the Renegotiation of Oilseed Concessions by the European Communities

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  • GATT Article XXIII:2
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  • GATT Article XXVIII:1
  • Uruguay Round undertsanding on Article XXVIII (MTN.TNC/W/FA pages W.1 and W.2)
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  • GATT Article XXIII:2
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Additional Info DS34/1 (18/09/1992) Negotiating rights of Argentina in connection with te renegotiation of oilseed concessions by the European Communities - Recourse to Article XXIII:2 - Communication from Argentina (16/09/1992) EEC was authorised by GATT Council to enter into GATT Article XXVIII:4 negotiations regarding certain tariff lines. Argentina asked the Contracting Parties to recognise its status as a principal supplier of the EEC for two tariff lines of oilseed export and therefore its right to negotiate with the EEC. The EEC Commission only recognised Argentina's status as a principal supplier for one tariff line. Argentina requested the establishment of a panel to determine Argentina's status as a Contracting Party with with a principal supplying interest also for soya beans and soya cake. C/M/259 (27/10/1992) Minutes of Council Meeting (29/09/1992-01/10/1992) Argentina: presented its request for establishment of a panel under DS34/1. EEC: acceptance of the request would be after having gone through the necessary requirements included in the April 1989 Decision and not automatic establishment. The Council took note and agreed to revert to it at its next meeting.

C/M/260 (26/11/1992) Minutes of Council Meeting (04-05/11/1992) EEC: had already acceded to Argentina'srequest for recognition of its principal supplier status in the products concerned earlier that meeting and reiterated it under the item of Argentina's request for establishment of a panel. The Council took note that the matter had been satisfactorily resolved.