Export of Subsidized Eggs and Cattle from the United Kingdom

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Products at Issue

Products at issue
Eggs and cattle
Type of product
Product sub-type
Mixed ag-products

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Claims raised
  • GATT Article XVI
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Type Panel
Chairperson L. Dana Wilgress (Canada)
Other members Salvador Ortiz (Dominican Republic), Mr. Swaminathan (India), Mr. Cozzi (Italy), Mr. Cuhruk (Turkey)


Type Panel
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Claims at issue
Defences at issue
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Outcome of the proceedings
Consultations held, mutually agreed solution
Additional Info L/627 (24/04/1957) Denmark began bilateral talks on 14/02/1957 and UK replied 22/03/1957 reducing guaranteed price of eggs by 3.5%, which had a limited effect according to Denmark.IC/SR.31 (14/05/1957) Intersessional Committee Summary Record of 24-27/04/1957. Intersessional Committee recommended continuing bilateral discussions pursuant to GATT Article XVI and appointing panel if unsatisfactory discussions reported to the Executive Secretary. Chairman proposed membership of the panel, approved by the Intersessional Committee.

IC/SR.34 (01/10/1957) Intersessional Committee Summary Record of 19-23/09/1957. Parties reported bilateral talks were successful, UK to prevent exports to traditional markets of Denmark and the Netherlands. Complaint recorded as settled and item withdrawn from the agenda.