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Date of initiation
121 - 135 of 136 results
GD Dispute title Complainant Respondents Third Party Adopted Report Symbol (Date) Adoption Symbol (Date)
GD/253 EEC - Imposition of Anti-dumping Duties on Imports of Audio Cassettes from Japan No
GD/254 Korea - Anti-dumping Duties on Imports of Polyacetal Resins from the United States Yes
GD/255 EEC - Anti-dumping Actions on Cotton Yarn Originating from Brazil Yes
GD/256 United States - Measures Affecting the Export of Pure and Alloy Magnesium from Canada No
GD/258 United States - Measures Affecting Imports of Softwood Lumber from Canada Yes
GD/262 Follow-up on the Panel Report "European Economic Community - Payments and Subsidies Paid to Processors and Producers of Oilseeds and Related Animal-Feed Proteins" Two interpretations
GD/265 Australian Customs Amendment Act 1991 and Countervailing Duty Proceeding Concerning Imports of Glacé Cherries from France and Italy No
GD/266 United States - Restrictions on Imports of Tuna No
GD/269 United States - Taxes on Automobiles No
GD/270 EEC - Member States' Import Regime for Bananas No
GD/271 Brazil - Imposition of Provisional and Definitive Countervailing Duties on Milk Powder and certain Types of Milk from the European Economic Community Yes
GD/279 EEC - Import Regime for Bananas No
GD/280 United States - Definitive Affirmative Injury Determinations Concerning certain Carbon Steel Flat Products from several Member States of the EEC No
GD/288 EEC - Restrictions on Imports of Apples No
GD/293 EEC - Charges on Imports of Apples Originating in Chile No