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Date of initiation
126 - 150 of 317 results
GD Complainant Respondent ThirdParty Dispute title Year Established Report Adopted
GD/126 European Communities - Export Subsidies on Sugar 1982 No No
GD/127 The United States Complaint against the European Community and Brazil, Concerning the Granting of Subsidies on the Export and Production of Poultry 1982 No No
GD/128 EEC - Subsidies on Export of Pasta Products 1982 Yes Yes No
GD/129 EEC - Production Aids Granted on Canned Peaches, Canned Pears, Canned Fruit Cocktail and Dried Grapes 1982 Yes Yes No
GD/130 Japan - Nullification or Impairment of the Benefits Accruing to the EEC under the General Agreement and Impediment to the Attainment of GATT Objectives 1982 No No
GD/131 European Communities - Sugar Regime 1982 No No
GD/132 Certain Domestic Procedures of the United States (CVD Procedures) 1982 No No
GD/133 United States Manufacturing Clause 1982 Yes Yes Yes
GD/134 Japan's Treatment of US Manufactured Metal Softball Bats 1982 No No
GD/135 Finland - Internal Regulations having Effect on Imports of Certain Parts for Footwear 1982 Yes No
GD/136 Switzerland - Imports of Table Grapes 1982 No No
GD/137 United States - Initiation of a Countervailing Duty Investigation into Softwood Lumber Products from Canada 1982 No No
GD/138 Panel on Japanese Measures on Imports of Leather 1982 Yes Yes Yes
GD/139 EEC - Import Restrictive Measures on Video Tape Recorders 1982 No No
GD/140 United States - Subsidies on Exports of Wheat Flour to Egypt 1983 Yes No
GD/141 EEC Complaint Concerning Anti-dumping Action by Canada on Electric Generators Imported from the Community 1983 No No
GD/142 United States - Imports of Sugar from Nicaragua 1983 Yes Yes Yes
GD/143 United States - Reclassification of Machine-Threshed Tobacco 1983 No No
GD/144 Problems posed for Community Exports by Spanish Homologation Requirements for Heating Radiators and Electrical Medical Equipment, with a View to Facilitating Mutually Satisfactory Solution 1983 No No
GD/145 EEC - Panel on Newsprint 1983 Yes Yes Yes
GD/146 Chile - Import Measures on Certain Dairy Products 1984 No No
GD/147 Canada - Import, Distribution and Sale of Alcoholic Drinks by Provincial Marketing Authorities 1984 Yes Yes Yes
GD/148 Canada - EEC Consultations on Imports of Beef 1984 No No
GD/149 Canada - Measures Affecting the Sale of Gold Coins 1984 Yes Yes No
GD/150 New Zealand - Imports of Electrical Transformers from Finland 1984 Yes Yes Yes