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Date of initiation
151 - 175 of 317 results
GD Complainant Respondent ThirdParty Dispute title Year Established Report Adopted
GD/151 European Economic Community - Operation of its Beef and Veal Regime 1984 No No
GD/152 Japan - Single Tendering Procedures 1984 No No
GD/153 United States - Definition of Industry Concerning Wine and Grape Products 1984 Yes Yes Yes
GD/154 United States Ban on Imports of Steel Pipes and Tubes from the European Communities 1984 No No
GD/155 United States - Restrictions on Imports of certain Sugar-Containing Products 1985 Yes No
GD/156 Japan - Quantitative Restrictions on Imports of Leather Footwear 1985 Yes No
GD/157 French "Computer Literacy Program" 1985 No No
GD/158 United States - Trade Measures Affecting Nicaragua 1985 Yes Yes No
GD/159 United States - Restrictions on Imports of Cotton Pillowcases and Bedsheets 1985 No No
GD/160 Canada - Imposition of Countervailing Duties on Imports of Manufacturing Beef from the EEC 1985 Yes Yes No
GD/161 European Communities - Ban on Importation of Certain Seal Pups and Related Products 1985 No No
GD/162 Brazilian Exports of Non-Beverage Ethyl Alcohol into the United States 1986 No No
GD/163 Enlargement of the European Economic Community (Recourse by Argentina) 1986 No No
GD/164 United States - Measures Affecting the Export of Softwood Lumber from Canada 1986 Yes Yes Yes
GD/165 Countervailing Duty Imposed by Canada on Pasta Products from the EEC 1986 No No
GD/166 Japan - Restrictions on Imports of Certain Agricultural Products 1986 Yes Yes Yes
GD/167 Japan - Customs Duties, Taxes and Labelling Practices on Imported Wines and Alcoholic Beverages 1986 Yes Yes Yes
GD/168 Canada - Measures Affecting Exports of Unprocessed Herring and Salmon 1986 Yes Yes Yes
GD/169 Japan - Restrictions on Imports of Herring, Pollock and Surimi 1986 No No
GD/170 Japan - Trade in Semi-Conductors 1986 Yes Yes Yes
GD/171 United States - Taxes on Petroleum and Certain Imported Substances (Superfund) 1986 Yes Yes Yes
GD/172 Canada - Restrictions on Export of Unprocessed Uranium 1986 No No
GD/173 Tax-Passenger Aircraft 1986 No No
GD/174 United States - Customs User Fee 1986 Yes Yes Yes
GD/175 The EC Animal Hormones Directive (85/649/EEC) 1987 No No